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Ergonomic Assessments in the Workplace

Martin Place Physiotherapy and Pilates is pleased to offer Workplace Assessments. Our physiotherapists have experience working with many client companies in Sydney, providing office workers with Ergonomic assessments to reduce the risk of ongoing pain and injury in the workplace.

A large proportion of Sydney’s population spend their work day sitting in front of a computer for long periods of time, and often in the wrong position. This can lead to back, neck, and arm pain from prolonged pressure on our discs, joints, muscles or neural structures as well as overuse of our upper limbs.

Why use a Physiotherapist for Workplace Services?

As Physiotherapists, we are professionally trained to help prevent and manage posture-related pain and overuse injuries. Through assessing the individual's work-station we can make recommendations to ensure the worker's desk is organised correctly, address the worker's existing problems, and prevent further injury and pain. Our Ergonomic assessments include a detailed report, exercise sheet, and work-station diagrams to give the worker ongoing control of their workstation.


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